Image Series: My Little Mages / Artist Showcase: Didjargo

All right, fillies and gentlecolts, it’s time for another Artist Showcase! Our artist today goes by the handle “Didjargo,” and he apparently posts his stuff directly to Ponibooru. Also, this time around, there’s an extra twist: these pics are part of a series the artist is calling “My Little Mages,” presenting the humanized ponies as characters in an epic fantasy setting.

First up is the Elementalist, Rainbow Dash—as if you needed me to tell you that!—and I must say, she’s looking particularly badass today. I like that the outfit is reminiscent of a Graeco-Roman style, in keeping with the aesthetic presented in the show, and that bow looks absolutely wicked. Plus, as I’ve mentioned, I’m something of a fan of the Zettai Ryouiki look, so bonus points there, and those gauntlets are pretty kickass too.

Hit the break for the rest!

What class would Applejack be besides a Paladin? I love that Didjargo managed to blend the western look normally associated with AJ with more traditional fantasy armor; the end result is pretty cool. Also, gigantic flaming sword? Oh yeah.

Here’s another predictable character class: Fluttershy the Druid. OK, I’m gonna stop saying that, because these are honestly all fairly predictable. It’s just a natural result of the characters being as well-defined as they are.

The details are what stand out to me here. that little satchel around her waist, the butterfly clasp for her hood, and that small patch of grass just below her staff. Check out her mantle, too: there’s a “feathered” look to it, like her wings. Dash has a similar design, actually, though it’s less obvious because of the wings on her feet.

And here’s Pinkie Pie the Trickster Mage. The head is my favorite part of this one; love the expression, love the hair, and that hat is downright perfect.

Damn. You know, until I started this blog, I hadn’t realized just how many awesome humanizations of Rarity there are. Here’s yet another one: Rarity the Enchantress. Good enchantress, not evil enchantress. No evil dances here.

Seriously, though, her dress is really quite gorgeous. I mean, opera gloves! Opera gloves are freakin’ awesome.

If I had to pick a favorite of this series, it would have to be Twilight Sparkle: Arcane Mage. The outfit really just works, and I don’t know how Didjargo managed to make that “horn” look awesome instead of ridiculous, but he pulled it off. The pose makes it look like she’s getting ready to unleash some serious hell on something we can’t see. Actually, it occurs to me that Twilight is the only one posed as if she’s interacting with something else outside the image. Lastly, I love the artist’s approach to Spike.

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