Character Spotlight: Rainbow Dash

Artist: Obsy-3

So I just realized that I forgot to link to the pony music album I mentioned last night. I fixed it, but for anyone who didn’t notice, here’s another link.

And here’s the character spotlight I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: Rainbow Dash! The fastest, most badass pegasus pony this side of Cloudsdale, and undoubtedly the coolest person you will ever dream of meeting. Let’s get crackin’, shall we?

The coloring and lighting are absolutely incredible in this first one, but, well, normally I’m not such a huge fan of the “cutie marks as hip tattoos” thing in humanization. It doesn’t really bug me that much, but it seems a little odd, especially given that that area of the human body is covered by clothing the majority of the time. This, though? I’m going to have a hard time describing this image, and the tattoo in particular, using any word other than “badass” or very closely related synonyms.

Hit the break for more! Content Warning for artistic nudity.

Artist: monkeyjay

If only the sweat was some neon color, then this would look like a Gatorade commercial, and I estimate its coolness would increase by a factor of somewhere between 18.8345 and 21.1655 percent. Roughly.

Seriously, though, look at that shading. It literally looks like she’s standing right frakking there. It’s also some of the best hair coloring I’ve seen on a humanized Dash; the hard divisions work fine in most cases, but for an ultra-realistic image like this, that just isn’t going to cut it. Monkeyjay obviously realized this and did a fantastic job with some more graduated color changes.

Artist: Imadori1

As I’ve mentioned before “punker Dash” is a pretty reasonable (by my estimation) character interpretation that we don’t see a whole lot of. I like the hairstyle here, and her expression is awesome. Mostly, though I find the wings pretty interesting; they definitely don’t look functional, but on the other hand, they do look weirdly ethereal. It’s a pretty neat effect.

Artist: Pixel chick

Some absolutely gorgeous wing work on this one, and I really love the artistic idea; the nudity gives me a real “Garden of Eden” impression, like Equestria is an idyllic paradise where everyone just lounges around eating grapes and whatnot all day.

Artist: RizCifra

Yet again, some excellent shading work on this one, and a pretty neat and original outfit as well. Really nice muscle definition on the bicep there, too; she could definitely hold her own in a fistfight.

Artist: Bizcuit, color by monkeyjay

Oooh yeah, I’ve been saving this one. This is, hands down, my favorite humanization ever, of any pony. The pose and expression are wonderfully cocky, the clothing is amazingly detailed, and the coloring and shading are just perfect. I honestly can’t think of any more praise, because it’s just too awesome.

Apparently this is the first in a planned set of humanizations, presumably of the mane six, though I hope she doesn’t stop there. Unfortunately, no additional images have been forthcoming, but hopefully the artist is just working hard to make sure they’re all as unbelievably good as this one.

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